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10 - 12 September, 2018 | Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City, Amsterdam , Netherlands

Galit Lisaey

Data Integrity Consultant

Galit Lisaey established Gal.IT Data Integrity Consulting to assist organizations with a custom-made solution of Data Integrity process implementation including, risk-based computer system validation management. Galit holds a Master of Science degree in Animal Studies from the Hebrew University in Israel and has almost 20 years of experience in regulatory environment. Prior to taking a position as a consultant she worked as immunology and as a method developer researcher in different R&D institutes and pharmaceutical departments. Over the last decade she took a position in the IT division at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries supporting R&D Labs in Israel. The group leading by Galit work together with the lab's managers to improve their abilities and to be in align with the global regulatory requirements related to Data Integrity.

3:30 PM Intepreting Data Integrity as an Organisational Immune System

This workshop is designed to look at data driven decisions, how data could be produced, collected, analysed and stored. We will examine these specific
challenges through specific test cases, looking at data vulnerability, risk management and data integrity maintenance processes. This will allow you
to understand key criteria to achieve better systems and ensures you understand how your system can defend against system attack and invasion.

Attend this workshop to:

• Determine risk management as the backbone of
data integrity process implementation
• Understand the availability of data integrity tools to
establish strong quality management practices
• Discuss challenges that could be raised as part of
the process implementation and suggest solution
to resolve the limitations faced

11:10 AM Panel Discussion: Managing Audit Trails and IT Infrastructures

• Discuss the different approaches to integrating IT platforms with internal structures
• Understand how to adhere to new audit trail requirements
• Learn what challenges and limitations appear when creating system updates

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Galit.

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